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it is obvious that for the #believer trusts himself in All #type

believer[edit | edit source]

person who believes

whoToTrust[edit | edit source]

person that is described

type[edit | edit source]

there is analog in Normal, Preferred, Deprecated ranks

All[edit | edit source]

similar to how christians believe God.

PartOf[edit | edit source]

in addition to Person#Parent means that #believer is part of #whoToTrust; and #whoToTrust is an organization

Likes[edit | edit source]

sympathy, #believer likes the way of #whoToTrust thinking but may hesitate about facts he/she knows

Doubt[edit | edit source]

#believer knows about lies of #whoToTrust but believes that he/she does not know this and may correct himself

Dislike[edit | edit source]

#whoToTrust is conscious liar