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Key is pair of #url and #name


if #url is empty then #name is unique in context of job

lastName and middleName[edit]

are not stored in database but calculated on fly

  • for English

according to Wikipedia:Naming_conventions_(people) mostly the form <First name> <Last name> is used

  • for Russian, Ukrainian

according to wikiru:Википедия:Именование_статей/Персоналии if #url has comma inside then #name, #lastName and middleName are parsed from #url

    • how to get middleName from 'Хтось, Сара (Санька) Омельківна'


like User#login

often visual for user


int part is a aw:Wikidata#unique identifier without starting Q prefix from


most unique

may have interwiki prefix like 'wikipedia:'

may have symbol #

  • if #wikidataItemId is empty
    • then this is either absolute url or relative url to some of linked job' site
    • else this is page title with namespace from