Genealogy game

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order genealogy tree[edit]

Decorate Jesus family tree


Make order from flying gifts and apply them to correct persons. Start with dynasties and afterwards order more detailed persons.

  • there is Pyramid chart in center
  • six gifts with person name on each to give whom: all in one box
  • player must grab every gift onto correct position of tree

remember person[edit]

puzzle for concentration and short term memory training

A part of the genealogy tree is shown for 10-20 seconds and afterwards some persons are hidden. Player should restore hidden persons.

find a spouse[edit]

puzzle for knowledge control

Game app checks whether player knows a spouse of person from the genealogy tree

know first[edit]

TBS quest

A dice sets the quantity of steps to go along the genealogy tree. If player knows a person (maybe selected from options) then player may move position; in other case player stays in place. Winner is that player who achieved Jesus first.