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what is interested for common user[edit | edit source]

personal world[edit | edit source]

  1. me as Tree legend#Centered
    center is at familynode:
  2. Tree legend#Spouses and Tree legend#SpousesParents (their #simple parents world)
    • spouses of spouses
  3. Tree legend#Children
    • recursively children of children

parents world[edit | edit source]

simple parents world[edit | edit source]

all children[edit | edit source]

  1. Tree legend#Siblings
    1. Tree legend#CousinsWithChildren
    2. Tree legend#UnclesAndAunts without children
  2. Tree legend#OtherRelatives: all other children with spouses for all parents

DistantBigRelatives[edit | edit source]

what is not interested[edit | edit source]

  • boundaries lie in husband-wife edges (#DistantBigRelatives), where one spouse is interested, other spouse is not interested and has quite many uninterested relatives (except of kids) in tree

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