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The Family Forest National Treasure Edition[edit | edit source]

If you are related to a royal family somewhere in the world, the Family Forest® CD will tell you. This National Treasure Edition contains over 3000 years of exciting human history with many family lines going back at least ten generations – some more than sixty generations! The Family Forest National Treasure Edition is the world's most interconnected digital resource of family history. Using the Progeny Family Explorer™ – the family tree software included on the CD, you can view, navigate and print a variety of family tree charts showing your family connections. The Family Forest National Treasure is the culmination of thousands of hours of digging through hundreds of historical records, genealogical books and society periodicals in order to create this well-sourced, genealogy research resource.

  • Hollywood stars and characters,
  • Royalty and nobility – including European royal family lines,
  • Key gateway ancestors who came to America in the early 1600's,
  • Patriots of the American Revolution,
  • Officers of the Civil War,
  • American political leaders (presidents, vice presidents, cabinet members, ambassadors, governors, senators and local officials),
  • Ancestors from the Middle Ages and Ancient Rome,
  • Religious leaders (saints, popes, cardinals, bishops and clergymen),
  • Biblical characters and members of hereditary societies.

GenMerge[edit | edit source]

GenMerge is made by Pleiades Software Development, Inc. GenMerge requires Java.

Duplications management

Linking process

  1. Create weights
  2. Set cut-off scores
  3. Bin
  4. Compute scores
  5. Choose best links
  6. Process linked records to merge family members

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