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This book is a digest of the history of biblical and talmudic times, post-talmudic scholars (major events in their lives), and events that affected Jewish life in general until this day. The major objective of this book is to cover over 5,700 years of Jewish history...
The scope of this book, then, is very specific. It is an indexed chronological listing or digest of events and people in biblical, talmudic, and post-talmudic Jewish history (quoting the sources of information until the end of the Talmud era), which places emphasis on the proper sequence of events...
It is important to note that the Talmud and Talmudists share two fundamental differences with the prevailing attitudes to history.
  1. The Talmud maintains that the overall quality of the intellectual and spiritual caliber of people has declined as the generations have proceeded [Tal.Shab.112b,Eruv.53a /Igg.R.Sher.G.]
  2. The Talmud considers unwritten communication to be superior to written material.


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