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Doc is like event moved by person only not by other natural force.

mover[edit | edit source]

Author-person or witness-person if doc is #oral.

Organization is created from persons linked by trust.

type[edit | edit source]

oral[edit | edit source]

oral may be once per one #mover and #event

common[edit | edit source]

has children of types: #model, #import...

model[edit | edit source]

recreation of structure and ideal text for paper document that got different versions

paper document[edit | edit source]

photo, audio, video[edit | edit source]

addedBy[edit | edit source]


The Trust between #addedBy person and #mover should be calculated for every doc.

parent[edit | edit source]

if #parent was set then #url be abstract relative to it

wikidataItemId[edit source]

int part is a aw:Wikidata#unique identifier without starting Q prefix from

url[edit source]

most unique

may have interwiki prefix like 'wikipedia:'

may have symbol #

  • if #wikidataItemId is empty
    • then this is either absolute url or relative url to some of linked job' site
    • else this is page title with namespace from

DocPart[edit | edit source]

number[edit | edit source]

String that describes position inside of the document.

It may be page number, relative url or section:paragraph numbers like in Canonical Bible.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Canonical Bible[edit | edit source]

Mapped to at least 69 (66+3) Docs: #model "Canonical Bible", Old testament, New testament children and 66 books. Their parent Bible has type #common.

Old testament is moved by Old testament authors who are trusted by Jews.

If to add some book as child to Old testament then its author must be calculated to have trust#PartOf to Old testament authors.


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