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, output: family of kid,events of Category:Birth and Wedding,pSex input: pName,doc(+docpart)


  • when only namespace prefix of name is changed then calctemplate \Descendants of Adam and Eve' will recalculate correctly
  • when name is changed on absolutely new then birth event is left with link to family of old name


Line must start with symbol . (dot) or other symbol configured in #startSymbol. All other lines are named empty.

Digits and spaces at the Name end are ignored.

  • The number on each line denotes the generation number, starting at 1 for Adam. If omitted then calculated by dots quantity.
    • The ?. indicates a descendant in which the exact lineage is unknown, and thus the generation number is unknown.
  • The + m. indicates a marriage.

It is not easy to enter marriage without husband. In such case + m. should not be preceded by any man line. Leave empty line to reset preceding man line.


has parameters:




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