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wikidataItemId[edit source]

int part is a aw:Wikidata#unique identifier without starting Q prefix from

url[edit source]

most unique

may have interwiki prefix like 'wikipedia:'

may have symbol #

  • if #wikidataItemId is empty
    • then this is either absolute url or relative url to some of linked job' site
    • else this is page title with namespace from

parentDoc[edit | edit source]

contains texts for documents references during import

if (importTemplate.Parent.Type == ArtifactType.Common)

group[edit | edit source]

reference to Group of import processes that produced this CalcTemplate

Template4Site[edit | edit source]

Rows are filled during Engine start or Site modification.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

CalcTemplate rows are filled from code on Engine start, and #group may be used.

How is triggered[edit | edit source]

manually[edit | edit source]

automatically on some condition[edit | edit source]

Condition is hard coded.

always on Engine start[edit | edit source]

for CalcTemplates that do not write in database but store data in memory.