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Not every Bible book in Wikipedia: has Wikidata item with wikisen:. Example: wikipedia:Books of Chronicles where one book was split into two.

English versions of Bible are sorted by publication date in the wikisen:. And link to every book may be calculated by wikisen:template:Bibleversions.

Example: "[[Bible (King James)/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]" in the King James version (Oxford text, 1769)

Localization links were entered manually into books of wikisen:Bible (King James). There are lacks.

Wikisources use mw:Extension:Proofread_Page.

Until Wikidata localization are not added, interwiki links may be got by:

  1. Api ?format=xml&action=query&prop=langlinks
  2. the <li class=\"interlanguage-link