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carousel on detail does not work 1.0.1

name button on detail is wrapped if text long; name button let be with dropdown like change language button

search shows 'no records' sometime and let it search by substring

On web-site make list shorter for Nexus7 landscape, in portrait 4 pager buttons overlap

detail hidden on iPad rotation etc

на iPad при повертанні зникає detail, інколи список користувачів має порожні рядки угорі (у chrome інколи повторюється, на симуляторі не повторюється)
на iPad при зміні мов, тобто при перевантаженні, часто крешиться з помилкою <DDWebKitOperation: 0x6080000ed000>: container <WebFrame: 0x6000000070b0> has been modified too many times, aborting
add debouncing on window:resize


On web-site caching blocks to see new content
if F5 does not help, type Ctrl+F5 and check building process

android bugs

widht is too big maybe because app is not in fullscreen
on open ukrainian version shown but title in russian, if to switch to russian then title is shown in ukrainian. only after switch to 

en bug is out

click on family on detail shows wikipedia link shifted too low
no splash (almost the same on iPad: there is short splash and long white screen)


not only Matthew's genealogy of Jesus but Luke's one too

show with explanations of differences
Heli vs Jacob

people images

show in detail, on maybe in tree
from wikidata