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Areas forming

area has polygons on several HEALpix layers

area contains:

inner areas
basins (with at least one from which contouring started
geoid(datum) is single, does not change, modelled by S_q (at beginning Hoq and Depth are relative to RadiusOfGeoid, Hoq!=0 for instance because of inner reservours)
BasinAbstract: Depth, Hoq; Basin3: RadiusRay(HEALPix#for DEM does not store P, Beta, Ring etc), S_q(includes Normal), RadiusOfGeoid is intersection length of RadiusRay and S_q; Neighbors and Opposites are simple in HEALPix#for DEM


  • if Earth without water then solid area occupy all Earth

algorithms[edit | edit source]

in Typescript

HEALPix#for DEM is fastest for aw:isolines algorithm

data[edit | edit source]

calc water to pour[edit | edit source]

  • go through contour,
  • go through inner check only when Waterheight or G_delta modified

2[edit | edit source]

  • for-cycle all cells
polygon is split on pairs of basins; first one in pair is a key of the SortedList
  • from simple cell to more complex:
concepts: cell, border (between 2 cells), area (with center)
  1. 1 cell - 1 area
  2. a border grows from the cell
    border connects with the cell - 2 areas
  3. second border grows from the cell
  4. second border connects with the cell - 3 areas

obsolete[edit | edit source]

  1. loop through relief to find all closed water volumes (world ocean and inner seas)
    • Caspian sea is 500km from the nearest sea, Azov sea is the 70km radius polygon.
    • calculate all water volume
  2. divide water volumes on polygons with goal to occupy as much water as possible with minimal polygons quantity
    • let polygon will be in deepest places and not to much close to each other

two levels of detail[edit | edit source]

two detail levels of grid: for contour and for forces

Let's consider every basin(an atomic non-deviding part) in the wikipedia:Non-inertial reference frame. Centrifugal and coriolis forces form geoid surface.

Waves inside of basin are never calculated. Basin has mass, mass center, square (and mean height); height in mass center.

big real data[edit | edit source]

simple for-cycle is too slow, trees are needed