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= good for me =
= on [[aw:CSS]] =
== Descendants ==
[https://codepen.io/nonlinear/pen/onquE Family tree example]
from [[RootsMagic]], is like [[Descendants_of_Adam_and_Eve]]
= on JavaScript =
== Pedigree chart ==
*[[Webtrees]] + PHP
from [[RootsMagic]]
*http://aguo.us/genealogy/ [[image:Genealogy of EECS GSIs.png|200px]] on [[aw:sigmajs]] (does not work on iOS#6)
== Chronology chart ==
*[http://vincebuffalo.org/dancinggenealogies2/# coalescent genealogies for a sample of nine individuals with θ = 10] on [[aw:D3]]]
from [[myheritage.com]]
*[http://gojs.net/latest/samples/familyTree.html GoJS Family Tree on [[aw:GoJS]]]
* [https://neo4j.com/graphgist/c2cc10e8-7326-4f4d-b330-6e8b9a4b837f characters in Mahabharata - the Indian Epic. Key nodes - Relations, Wars and their key actions]
= in JavaScript =

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