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  • sizes are in meters - 1 length of ThreeJS corresponds to 1 meter



Point corresponds to physics object with mass proportional to matter density.

steps[edit | edit source]

draw 3d[edit | edit source]

coast lines from Earth2014 or from aw:Natural Earth
if to simulate world ocean then coast lines from aw:Natural Earth will be not enough
cities, texts are got from mediawiki
rivers, custom boundaries from mediawiki
modern boundaries from shapefiles of aw:Natural Earth or from aw:Category:Geodata api


  1. actual is Draw geoid EGM96
  2. on aw:PlanetMaker basis to use:
    topographic? background as texture on Earth elipsoid like this 200px-Map_ancient_Greek_colonies_in_northern_Black_Sea-en.svg.png

examples[edit | edit source] worldwide-impact-of-diabetes.png


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