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Event#cause[edit | edit source]

family or better pregnancy

Event#effect[edit | edit source]

child[edit | edit source]

person that in the result of this event becomes linked to family having family#pregnant mother

pregnant mother[edit | edit source]

father[edit | edit source]

Documents meaning[edit | edit source]

event means this event of birth

Oral testimony of witness[edit | edit source]

as a rule only date of event, family#parents names, #child name and sex are known

presented by following entities:

Trust problems[edit | edit source]

Birth certificate[edit | edit source]

names[edit | edit source]

pName for #child, #pregnant mother, #father, family#biological father, family#biological mother

timeplace[edit | edit source]

eTime event: event phase: end time:

ePlace event: event where:

Passport[edit | edit source]

similar to #Birth certificate

  • photo

Name change[edit | edit source]

pName for #child

DNA test[edit | edit source]

family#biological father, family#biological mother change for family of #child's birth

Calculation[edit | edit source]

  • family persons sex
  • periods: pregnancy etc
  • ages: of mothers and fathers
  • place: of mothers and father meeting for coitus or implantation

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